About BeFitreat

Sarah Girgis,
Founder of BeFitreat

“Nothing truly great ever happened by staying in your comfort zone. My fitness journey empowered me to become the best version of myself and I want to gift you the opportunity to do the same. Join one of our retreats and start your journey to becoming your fittest self.”

What We Do

BeFitreat goes above and beyond to bring to you unforgettable fitness retreats that are flexible, effective, and fun! We take care of everything so you can focus on disconnecting from your routine, detoxing and rejuvenating yourself.

Whether it’s our high-acclaimed fitness retreat or yoga & wellness retreat, our gym partners are hand chosen for their reputation, vast variety of activities, and ability to help people of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

We put just as much thought and considering into the food you will eat. Our catering partners use fresh, healthy ingredients to bring you indulgent meals that fuel your workout for the best results.


Rest and relaxation are key pillars of a successful retreat experience, which is why our hospitality partners come with a guaranteed level of excellence. BeFitreat chooses hotels and resorts with a minimum of 9 out of 10 for quality of service, facilities and amenities, and hygiene and cleanliness.

We also value the community we build with growth-oriented people that want to have fun while getting stronger. It’s important that you and everyone who comes to a BeFitreat retreat feel comfortable, accepted, and feel a sense of connection with other participants.

As of 2022, we currently host retreats in two of the most temperate and awe-inspiring places in the world: one on a beautiful tropical island located in Thailand, and another in Dubai, an oasis that sits on the Arabian Sea coast in the United Arab Emirates. As countries slowly open back up for travel, we intend to open more retreats around the world.

Meet The Founder


My father was diabetic, had high cholesterol, smoked a pack a day and enjoyed his regular drink, which likely contributed to his passing away in 2012.

I wouldn’t change a thing about my father, but his habits made me aware of my own health and fitness. His death inspired me to make a vow – to lead as healthy a life as I could and share my journey and knowledge with my loved ones.

Yet despite being in my mid-20s and doing well for myself, my health was deteriorating due to the stress associated with the job. I remembered the vow I made to myself in memory of my father, and in 2015 I took a break from my career.

Shortly after, I became a UK-certified personal trainer and traveled to the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand.

The beautiful sandy beaches… the guaranteed sunshine and the tropical greenery…. the amazing lifelong friends while eating delicious Thai food and sipping on coconuts each day…. I was truly at my happiest.

That was also when I embarked on an 8-week fitness journey that changed my life. I trained at one of the biggest martial arts & fitness camps in the world. I wanted to share this experience with everyone I knew when I returned home.

I became an ambassador for the fitness camp I trained at. Over the years, I personally witnessed many friends and family travel to Thailand to change their life for the better, or at least reignite their desire to keep fit and lead a healthy life.

Fast-forward to 2018 I moved to Thailand and officially launched BeFitreat, welcoming customers from all around the world to start their journey in an experience I’m truly passionate about.


As BeFitreat was growing and I was living a very happy life in Phuket, COVID came out of nowhere. In 24 hours, I had to pack up, shut my doors and head back to where I grew up in Copenhagen.

I spent six months mourning the loss of everything I worked for, but kept getting messages from past customers asking ‘when we would open back up.’ Everyone was looking for a way out of their routine during such challenging times.

A friend of mine was living in Dubai and celebrating her birthday. When I learned that the city was still open for travel, I had a lightbulb moment. I thought of continuing to create unforgettable fitness retreats for countless people but in a safe and secure way.

Since August 2020, BeFitreat has been operating in both Thailand and Dubai. We are currently exploring new destinations and I truly believe that my passion for allowing people to thrive in a fitness retreat setting is what allowed BitFitreat to develop into new territories and grow a global community of individuals looking to become a fitter and better version of themselves.

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