12th – 19th November
BeFitreat Egypt
Red Seas | El Gouna
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Welcome to BeFitreat – where fitness and travel meet for a life-changing experience. Our mission is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals while exploring some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. And now, we are excited to announce our latest destination – Egypt!


Why Choose The Egypt Fitness Retreat?

Fitness & Fun in Unique Location

Experience diverse fitness classes, delightful weather, and Red Sea adventures. Explore historical sites in Cairo, all set against the backdrop of Egypt’s stunning Red Sea

7 Night Retreat for Everyone

Join a 7-night journey suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Our retreat is inclusive and welcoming to all

Expert Fitness Classes & Nutrition

Enjoy a wide range of fitness classes and health workshops, all guided by experienced trainers. Savor nutritious meals, including local cuisine, tailored to various diets

Comfortable Accommodations

Relax in a Bedouin-style lifestyle hotel near the beach, complete with breathtaking views and high-end amenities

Exciting Excursions & Hosting

Partake in thrilling excursions like Red Sea mountain range hiking and UNESCO Heritage Island snorkelling. Benefit from dedicated hosts who ensure your comfort throughout

Join the BeFitreat Family

Become a part of an international, supportive, and motivating fitness community, enhancing your fitness retreat experience around the world

Training & Workouts

Sunrise & Sunset Yoga

Our experienced yogis offer sessions which include strength, flexibility and also mobility. Suitable for all levels.

Fitness Classes: Beach HIIT & S&C

Our experienced coaches will put you through your paces whilst still ensuring you are having fun all along. They will focus on the strength aspect and finish off with a short conditioning session that is sure to make you SWEAT.

Hike the famous Red Sea mountains

Hike through the serene mountains for an evening of active recovery. Explore the bedouin life and nature with authentic locals’ coffee and tea. A great evening to wind down and enjoy a magical sunset and get to know your teammates around a bonfire.

Combat Fitness

Combat is a cardio class inspired by martial arts where you can punch, kick and strike your way through a total body workout to motivating music. Expect to burn heaps of calories and feel great while you’re doing it!

Mahmeya Day Out

Because passive recovery is equally important, a day spent at one of Red Sea’s hidden gems will provide beautiful memories and relaxation to get you ready for a day of hard work ahead.


Apply what you learn inside these private workshops that will take your health to the next level:

The Mindfulness Workshop will give you the tools to eat, work, and go through life as your best self.

The Nutrition Workshop covers essential health & wellness topics like gut health, calculating macros, keeping a stronger immune system, and so much more.

The ‘Design Your Own Workout’ Workshop will show you how to create a personalized workout for yourself that’ll get you great results.

Egypt Fitness Retreat Schedule

This timetable is a sample. Your schedule may vary. 

During Your Stay

The Cook’s Club Hotel

The perfect balance between a local bedouin and modern style, The Cook’s Club Hotel in El Gouna’s downtown area promises to be a great venue for the ultimate Red Sea experience.

Cook’s Club is fully equipped with outdoor lounge pools, and high-end hospitality facilities for you to enjoy at your leisure. Comfortable single and double rooms are available for maximum relaxation.

Read more

BeFitreat Egypt includes half board for 4/7 nights at the amazing Cooks Club restaurant. ⁣

There are plenty of healthy options with fresh local fruit and ingredients. The staff at the hotel are incredibly helpful and will ensure they meet any dietary requirements.⁣

For the rest of the 3 nights, we will be dining out at some of the local restaurants chosen by BeFitreat. The cost of this will be approximately $35 per person (excluding beverages)

What’s included in the package

This 7 day retreat in the beautiful city of El Gouna will be hosted at Cook’s Club read more, an adult only resort by the Red Sea. You’ll be in a Standard Private Room (Upgrade to Lagoon View available) and have access to the state of the art pools and facilities available.

You’ll have access to different fitness classes during your stay, including Strength & Conditioning, Beach HIIT and Sunrise & Sunset Yoga. Combat classes of Group Boxing or Muay Thai will also be available, as well as workshops that cover Gut Health & Nutrition, Mindfulness & Journaling, and Building Your Own Gym Workout.

Meals will be partially covered by the resort’s Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner) for 4 nights, and 3 nights will have BeFitreat organized meals at local restaurants (approximately $35 per person).

During your stay, additional perks include a Red Sea Mountain Hiking Trip, a Personal Host, a visit to Mahmaya Island read more for Snorkelling and R&R, Pre- and Post-Retreat support via Email, Whatsapp and Calls, as well as a T-Shirt and Starter Kit.

Duration in Days

7 nights


Cooks Club El Gouna (Adults Only)

Standard Private Room
(Upgrade to Lagoon View available)

State of the art pools and facilities


Fitness Classes (Strength and Conditioning, Beach HIIT, Sunrise and Sunset Yoga )

Combat Classes (Group Boxing or Muay Thai)

Workshops (Gut Health and Nutrition, Mindfulness and Journaling, Build your own gym workout)

Meals and Nutrition

Half Board x 4 nights (Breakfast and Dinner)
Excl. 3 nights BeFitreat organised Meals at local Restaurants (app $35 pp)


Red Sea Mountain Hiking trip

Personal Host

Visit to Mahmya Island for Snorkeling and R&R

Pre-/Post-Retreat Support (Email, WhatsApp, Calls)


Starter Kit


Select Currency

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Double Occupancy
Per Person
Single Occupancy
Per Person

7 Nights



Cairo Add-on

A Unique visit to The Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Ancient Egyptian Museum and more historical and city sights in Cairo

Fitness Retreat Egypt

Arrival – Cairo Airport
Transport to SteigenBerger Hotel el Tahrir Cairo

Afternoon Visit 1: Visit to Egyptian Museum
(lunch included in price)

Afternoon Visit 2: Tour Salah el Din Citadel
Take a tour to the Salah El-Din Citadel where you will see the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, the landmark of Cairo and one of the most renowned historical sites in Egypt

There is a stop for 30 min by local restaurant for lunch (not included in price)

Late afternoon: The Hanging Church of Cairo
Suspended Church or Al-Moallaqa. It is called the Hanging Church because it was built on the southern gate of the Roman Fortress. Logs of palm trees and layers of stones were constructed above the ruins of the Roman fortress to be used as a fundament.

Morning : Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza

This morning you will visit the most iconic and largest pyramids at Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu) and the mysterious Sphinx, a colossal lion with a pharaoh’s head.

Lunch:Enjoy a relaxing lunch and a Nile cruise on Andrea’s River Boat
(lunch included in price)

Afternoon: visit the old market of Cairo
Khan el Khalili for an excellent opportunity to buy souvenirs and gifts for loved ones back home.Dinner (optional attendance organised by BeFitreat)

Breakfast at hotel

10 am – Bus transfer to the Red sea

Arrival to El Gouna – 3pm

$750 for Single per Person

$600 for Double per Person

Book Your Spot Now

Please note that The Egypt Retreat is seasonal and lasts 7 nights (Sunday – Sunday) . Please click on the calendar link below to see when the next retreat is scheduled for

Click on the calendar below to see our available dates.


12 – 19 November


Red Sea | El Gouna


See pricelist

What Happens After You Book?

As soon as you book, you will be allocated a host who will guide you through the whole process and be with you every step of the way.

Your host will contact you a few weeks before your arrival to answer any questions you may have pre-departure. They will also fully prepare you to get the most out of your holiday. Your host will greet you after checking into your hotel and will conduct a tour of the facilities.

After guiding you through the different classes and timetables, your host will make sure you know what to expect for your perfect fitness holiday. They will also help you with arrival and departure arrangements as well as activities and excursions best suited to your schedule, and will be on hand to assist with anything you need.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about BeFitreat and before travelling

    Do I need workout/fitness experience to join a BeFitreat?

    BeFitreat caters to anyone. If you have never entered a gym, joined a fitness class or done any physical activity we still have a package for you
    Can I come on my own? Yes! Most of the guests are solo travellers. From years of running these retreats we have found the most growth happens when you arrive on your own.

    What’s the weather like in El Gouna?

    El Gouna offers 365 days of sunshine with November-March offering the optimal conditions for a fitness retreat. The weather is cool, dry and clear with a cool sea breeze to help you keep going all week long.

    Read more on Weatherpark

    Is it safe?

    El Gouna is one of the safest places in Egypt. It is a closed gated laguna bay with private security. Plus you will be staying at an international hotel and your BeFitreat hosts and local staff will ensure everything is safe for you.

    Can I come on my own?

    Yes. Most of the guests are solo travellers. From years of running these retreats we have found the most growth happens when you arrive on your own.

    Where is BeFitreat Egypt located and which airport do we fly into?

    The best airport to fly into is Hurghada International Airport. Our retreats take place in the coastal town of El Gouna – the jewel of the Red Sea – a 20 minute commute.

    Most people will fly into Cairo and take a local internal flight for 55 minutes to Hurghada international airport.

    Do I need a Visa?

    We ask our guests to check their visa requirements themselves. But for most nationalities, a visa is granted at entrance.

    To help you:
    https://www.passportindex.org/ Please check here. You can ‘FIND’ your passport and you will find whether or not you need to apply. Green or Blue means you don’t need to apply for a visa before travel.

    How far is the hotel from the training camp?

    To keep your camp exciting, we’ve picked 4 different venues for our workshops all within walking distances. Other choices of commuting can be cycling and El Gouna’s cute environmentally friendly electric taxis.