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Change your life with a renewed sense of well-being at our flagship retreat, located on the beautiful islands of Phuket. Spend a week or four building a stronger body and mind through different training, tasting delicious and authentic Thai meals as well as international cuisine, and experiencing new sights and activities that will enrich your soul.

Why Choose Thailand Fitness Retreat

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  • Perfect for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level
  • Large variety of training & martial arts classes including: HIIT, Strength & Conditioning, Cross Training, Yoga, Buddha Runs, Beach Workouts, Group Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and much more
  • World-class coaching from experienced international coaches
  • Authentic, delicious Thai and International meals (see our meal plans)
  • Enjoy the warm, tropical climate as you reside in your own private deluxe room at a cozy, comfortable, tropical boutique resort
  • Co-working space available (perfect for digital nomads) and plenty of down time to relax and enjoy the island
  • Be treated to airport pick up and drop off, friendly personal host, Thai massage and two 1-1 Muay Thai sessions complimentary with your stay
  • A visit to the Elephant Sanctuary, Big Buddha tour, and more fun excursions
  • A supportive and diverse community ensuring you stay motivated to keep to your goals.


Without a doubt the best gift to myself!

BeFitreat is without a doubt one of my most favourite gifts I gave to myself.
From the location, to the people you meet, to the incredible uplifting atmosphere, all whilst improving your health both physically and mentally. I did the 1 week fitness package and I am so grateful for the experience, so much so that I extended for another week and would have stayed longer if I could.

Christina Sales, Copenhagen

Beyond expectations!

A very well organised fitness holiday. Everything was taken care of. All you have to do is book your flight and get there. Emma was an awesome host to have. Will definitely recommend it!!

Warren Pilot, Dubai

Best value for the money you pay

The package included airport transfers, hotel stay, food and beverages allowance, gym membership, 2 one to one muay thai sessions and a photoshoot session; which makes it a hassle free trip.
As a first timer in This kind of experience , BEFITREAT exceeded my expectations during my 5day stay; highly recommended.
Thank you Sara !!!

Clara PR, Qatar

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Training & Workouts

BeFitreat has the pleasure of partnering with one of the best fitness camps in the world, Tiger Muay Thai, to bring you an unrivaled and holistic fitness experience.

The price of your package also includes access to our entire selection of twelve high-level fitness classes. You can choose to attend up to three of any of the following classes per day that fit your preferences.

The Beach Workout and Buddha Run at Tiger Muay Thai will not take place between 15th June – 2nd October 2023 due to rainy season. However, BeFitreat will run these sessions if there is enough interest within our Community and if the weather allows.

Fitness Classes

Enhance your fitness and get stronger through a series of body weight and equipment exercises. Includes Strength & Conditioning, HIIT, AMBUSH 360, Buddha Run, Cross Training, Beach Bootcamp, and more.

Muay Thai

Versatile, challenging and fun, Muay Thai is an excellent way to get into great shape, improve your coordination, build endurance and learn valuable skills. Both 1-on-1 lessons and group classes are available.

Western Boxing & Martial Arts

This is a great opportunity to learn a variety of martial arts at one of the best camps out there. Incorporate different styles, positions, and techniques from BJJ, Kickboxing, Krabi Krabong, MMA, and Western Boxing.


Wake up your body and develop your flexibility with Vinyasa or Hatha style yoga classes.

We currently offer 3 yoga classes every week (Increasing in high season.)


Thai Massages have proven to relax and restore your muscles after a long day of training. Enjoy a complimentary Thai massage which each package.

Weight Room

The room is air-conditioned and comes equipped with a diverse set of amenities, including olympic barbells,(bench, squats, cleans, dead-lifts, etc.) dumbbells, squat racks, smith machine, cardio area, and a number of full body machines.

Classes Available For You

Beginners are encouraged to start with this class. However, even the fittest individual will find its workload demanding. AMBUSH 360 BodyFit is a Bootcamp style fitness workout for all levels, beginner to advanced athlete.

Our AMBUSH 360 BodyFit fitness training class is aimed at keeping your heart rate to the fat burning zone by applying a mixture of body-weight exercises and exercise techniques using various equipment. High intensity in nature, the pace of this class is constant to enhance your fitness, as well as burning many calories.

The Buddha run is a 4km long track to one of the most impressive landmarks in Phuket, a 50m Buddha statue, that overlooks Thailand. The Buddha run is not only beautiful, it will keep you motivated by showing you your weekly training results, as you time your way up there. Despite the name, you do not have to run the whole way if your fitness level doesn’t allow it, it is also a great walk to the top and once you make it, you can enjoy a lovely view over Phuket and feel the accomplishment of having climbed a mountain! The Buddha run takes place once a week and is only a couple of minutes away from TMT, the camp will provide a shuttle bus to take you there and back.

The Beach Workout and Buddha Run at Tiger Muay Thai will not take place between 15th June – 2nd October 2023 due to rainy season. However, BeFitreat will run these sessions if there is enough interest within our Community and if the weather allows.

The beach Bootcamp is one of the highlights for our guests here at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp. Use the ocean, the sand and the sun to take your workout to the next level. This class provides a full-body strength and cardiovascular workout in a single hour. Nearly every exercise type is designed to elevate your heart rate and achieve an aerobic effect. Expect to get wet and sandy and have a great time!

The Beach Workout and Buddha Run at Tiger Muay Thai will not take place between 15th June – 2nd October 2023 due to rainy season. However, BeFitreat will run these sessions if there is enough interest within our Community and if the weather allows.

This class is for our guests who are more advanced with their fitness and training.  It is a high paced and high intensity class using training methods to increase strength, speed, power, endurance and energy system conditioning.

This class is designed to improve the physical components that determine sports performance success. Methods to improve strength, power, agility, explosiveness, and muscle endurance will all be used and explained how they can improve your performance.

This is an excellent class for people who want to learn how to build strength, muscle and efficient movement through the body’s primary movement patterns.

Cross Training consists of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. We use a number of fitness elements to improve all aspects of your health and fitness, to get in the best shape of your life.

Our Cross Training classes consist of a Workout of the Day (WOD), where you’ll join your fellow classmates in exercises that change daily. You’ll never get bored training this way, as each day’s activity provides something new and exciting. These classes are perfect for anyone looking to improve their health and performance. No prior experience needed!

We currently offer three Yoga classes a week. These morning classes will ensure that your muscles wake up with Vinyasa or Hatha style yoga classes.

Muay Thai is an excellent way to get into great shape, improve your coordination, build endurance and learn valuable skills. Each package with BeFitreat gives you access to two private Muay Thai sessions so you can really improve and get a proper personalized session in. We aim to really elevate your skill level, as the trainer will focus directly on you and go at your pace.

You will also have access to all the group classes every day. We split them into three categories, beginners, intermediate and advanced so everyone coming to camp can train at a level that suits their experience. If you are unsure which level to attend, ask your host!

Muay Thai training at Tiger Muay Thai is versatile, challenging and most of all fun. It is suitable for everyone, from the beginner looking to learn a new skill and have some fun while doing it, to professional fighter training for their upcoming fight.

Whether you have no experience or are a high level professional, The MMA classes is a great opportunity to learn at one of the best camps in the world!

Mixed Martial Arts has become the fastest growing sport in the world. It combines the use of striking, grappling, wrestling, and submission techniques that make this such a diverse and dynamic combat sport and martial art experience. In our MMA classes you will learn how to incorporate all different styles of martial arts.

The BJJ classes are perfect for anyone looking to grasp a general understanding of “ground fighting” while discovering Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Since Brazilian JiuJitsu focuses on submissions without the use of striking, BJJ is for everyone of all ages and abilities! Training BJJ allows you to focus on learning the many different positions, techniques, and skills required to become successful in this extremely popular martial art.

We offer both the traditional GI training as well as the MMA adapted version NO GI.
(Main difference being the requirement of wearing the GI uniform or not)

Work on your footwork, head movement, punching mechanics, counters, combinations and more in our Boxing Classes. Training is focused on partner drills where you incorporate all these elements.<br />
All ability levels are welcomed in these classes

If you are in the mood to train on your own and at any time of the day then we have a newly refurbished weights room for all your needs.

The weights room is equipped with a diverse set of amenities, olympic barbells,(bench, squats, cleans, dead-lifts, etc.) dumbbells, squat racks, smith machine and a number of full body machines. We also have a cardio area if you wish to go for a run away from the heat and humidity outside.

If you’d like to see more details directly from the gym we partner with, check them out here


How your training schedule could look like

This timetable is a sample.
Your schedule may vary. The Beach Workout and Buddha Run at Tiger Muay Thai will not take place between 15th June – 2nd October 2023 due to rainy season. However, BeFitreat will run these sessions if there is enough interest within our Community and if the weather allows.

Where Will You Be Staying?

Nestled in a beautiful tropical cocoon, this boutique resort is perfectly equipped with everything you need for a relaxing stay during your fitness retreat.

Whether you want to take a cooling dip or swim between sessions we have two pools that are perfect for your rest and recovery between sessions. If you would like a bit of reading time bring your book out to one of our relaxing pods surrounded by the sound of nature’s birds and palm trees and you will surely get the most out of your down time.

Our resort consistently receives an overall rating of 9.5/10 so we are confident that your downtime will be enjoyed to the fullest.

Each room and villa is furnished with an air-conditioned bedroom, living room, and a luxury mattress with more comfort than any other bed in the area. You also have access to a hot water shower, storage pantry, refrigerator, cable TV, wireless internet connection, safety box, coffee & tea making facilities and a private balcony.

There’s also the perfect co-working space if you’re looking to get on with work whilst enjoying your fitness journey, as well as several quiet areas to sit and work with your laptop. We even have a board room for groups coming on a work retreat. It is private and free of charge for you to use at your convenience during your stay.

What Will You Be Eating?

The Fitness Package entitles you to one free meal a day, where you can choose between breakfast, lunch or dinner. For a small additional fee, you can opt for the ‘full board option’ which gives you three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

All meals with this package, whether half or full board, take place at Cocoville Restaurant (attached to your accommodation)

We want to offer as much flexibility as possible to our guests, as the area surrounding the camp has plenty of great options.

Although we can tailor for any preferences or specifications you may require, you can also pick from a range of restaurants around where you’ll be staying. These include:

  • Tiger Grill This restaurant is attached to the training camp and has a variety of tasty and healthy meals perfect for right after a hard session and to fuel you for the next one.
  • Pure Vegan Heaven The best vegan restaurant in Phuket. Most unique and delicious healthy bowls, wraps, salads, smoothies and treats
  • Koko Hut Serving up a variety of dishes. Delicious Thai food, western dishes such as burgers, wraps and their famous gluten-free or sourdough pizzas
  • Trooper Eats This is a very good option if you are looking for a macro controlled meal as they are very transparent about what exactly goes into their food.
  • Café Harlem For the best coffee in the area. They also have amazing lunch bagels and the tastiest overnight oats in the area.

What Happens After You Book?

As soon as you book, you will be allocated a host who will guide you through the whole process and be with you every step of the way.

Your host will contact you a few weeks before your arrival to introduce themselves and answer all your questions. They will also fully prepare you to get the most out of your holiday. Your host will greet you after checking into your hotel and will conduct a tour of the facilities.

After guiding you through the different classes and timetables, your host will make sure you are knowledgeable about the area and what to expect for your perfect fitness holiday. They will also help you arrange activities and excursions best suited to your schedule and preferences, and will be on hand to help with anything you need.

You will be surrounded by a supportive, diverse and motivating community at the resort as well as the training camp. Most people come on their own and from all over the world so whether you are arriving alone or with a partner/friend there will always be interesting people from all walks of life to learn from and share amazing stories and experiences with.

BeFitreat also provides airport pick and drop off.  Please ensure you email us no later than 48 hours before arrival with your flight details.


Book Your Spot Now

Thailand Fitness is open all year long! All our retreats have a Sunday start date (training begins Monday morning.) If you would like to arrive before/after Sunday, you can do so by adding ‘extra nights’ in the add-on category. You can choose to stay from a minimum of 7 days to as long as 28 days.

Just select a week that’s convenient for you and then click ‘Book Now.’ Don’t delay – spots book out fast!


Every Sunday


Duration: 7, 10, 14, 21 & 28 days


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1st October – 31st May
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See their schedules

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What’s included in the package

Duration in Days

7, 10, 14, 21 & 28


Deluxe Thai Bungalow

2 Shared Pools

Quiet Work Stations


Fitness Classes (Cross Training, Yoga, Strength and Conditioning, HIIT Beach workout, Buddha Run, Etc.)

Combat Classes (Group Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling, Boxing etc)

2x 1-on-1 Muay Thai sessions

Ice bath / Saunda (additional cost)

Meals and Nutrition

One free meal included
Add two more meals for an extra $27 day


Airport Pick Up and Drop off

Personal Host


Complimentary Thai Massage

Pre-/Post-Retreat Support (Email, Whatsapp, Calls)


Starter Kit

*Each package comes with one activity of choice. You can choose to spend time with the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary, enjoy the scenic Big Buddha, or go island hopping.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about BeFitreat and before travelling

    Do I need workout/fitness experience to join a BeFitreat?

    No. Even if you have never entered a gym or joined a fitness class, we have a wide selection of beginner workouts and activities that match your comfort level.

    What meals are included with this package?

    You get one meal with this package. You can also opt for full board for an additional $27 a day. You can add this in the booking page. If you want a meal plan, you can let us know and we can arrange that for an additional fee. The café has options for healthy, local, and more indulgent options that cover all dietary requirements as well.

    How much weight will I lose?

    Everyone’s results vary depending on a variety of factors, including current body weight, activity, diet, and more. If your goal is to lose weight, we highly recommend choosing the Thailand Body Transformation package. Our hosts and coaches are always on hand to advise you on the best strategy to take for achieving results.

    Can I attend more than one excursion?

    Of course. Just let your host know and they will help you arrange it.

    What’s the weather like in Thailand?

    Weather in Thailand is tropical so there will be plenty of sunshine with occasional rain. The rainy Season is between July-August and the high season is October until May.

    Which airport shall I fly to and how do I get from the airport to the hotel?

    Phuket International Airport is the airport to land in for all our Thailand-based retreats. Pick up is included in this package and will bring you to the hotel. A driver will have a sign with your name on it at your time of arrival.

    Do I need a Visa?

    We ask our guests to check their visa requirements themselves.

    Read more about Thailand visa requirements here.

    Are there any COVID travel restrictions for Thailand?

    Please go here to see Thailand’s rules for travel.