Choose The Perfect Fitness Retreat For You

BeFitreat knows better than anyone that people are unique

Personal growth and fitness are not one size fits all. People need different things to thrive and become their best selves. 

So we offer a wide variety of options for our customers to choose a fitness retreat that fits their every need. 

No cookie-cutter one size fits all options here!

The Location Of Your Dreams

One of the best aspects of BeFitreat is the opportunity to travel to new and exotic places to expand your mind and your horizons. 

BeFitreat currently offers incredible packages at breathtaking locations in Egypt, Dubai, and Thailand. 

Have you always dreamed of visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand? You can do that with one of our Thailand fitness retreats. 

Do you picture yourself hiking, snorkeling, or scuba diva in Dubai? Our Dubai retreat can make your dreams a reality. 

Envision yourself playing a spirited game of volleyball while overlooking the beauty of the Red Sea? Visit our retreat in Egypt to bring that vision to life.

BeFitreat will do everything in our power to make your travel dreams the best reality.

The Perfect Package To Fit Your Goals 

Fitness is NOT something that can be applied one way to everyone. 

Fitness requires specialized programs with a deep understanding of your unique needs to get you feeling the best you can. BeFitreat works with everyone’s individual needs to offer them a program that will make the biggest difference in their lives. 

There’s no one size fits all formula. 


You have the ability to choose the:

  • Length of your stay
  • Type of workouts you do
  • The food you eat
  • The schedule you have

Looking for a quick reset of your life? Come stay with us for a week! Are you looking for a longer, more specialized reset? We have individual packages for up to 12 weeks with BeFitreat. 

No matter what your mind, body, and soul need – BeFitreat has an option for you. 

A Fitness Retreat With A Plan 

Sometimes, people in our community are looking for a more specialized experience where their workouts, food, and schedule are planned for them. We get it!

Planning your everyday life is hard enough as it is. Sometimes you just want someone to do the planning for you. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

You can have us set up your specific meal plan to perfectly fuel your body and your every excursion during your stay. 

No hassle. No Stress. Just vibes.

But if you are someone looking for a more relaxed feel to your fitness retreat where you make your own schedule and choose your own meals, that is up to you!

We support you. Anything you need, we’ll be here to help. We just want to see our community thrive!

BeFitreat was designed to take everyone’s needs into account every step of the way. 

We know that your everyday life can be overcome with stress and constant decision making so when you join our community, we want to give your mind a break and give you a chance to unwind, relax, and focus on YOU. 

Research shows that the BEST fitness programs are those that are unique and keep you motivated. You need to enjoy your workouts and meal plan to keep it going. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

So even after you leave, you leave with the tools you need to change your life from home and the memories that will last you a lifetime. As an added benefit, you’ll also have a newfound community that is rooting for you every step of the way and want nothing more than for you to live your absolute best life. 

Beautiful Locations? Unique Plans? A Supportive Community? 

This isn’t just another vacation. This is a life-changing experience. 

If you are looking for a chance to reset your life, schedule a call with BeFitreat to plan your one-of-a-kind experience today! 


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