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The Guides To Good Vibes: The Dream Team Making Your Fitness Retreat Transformational


Meet The BeFitreat Thailand TeamMeet The BeFitreat Thailand Team

When you think back to all of the best moments of your life, I bet most of them have one thing in common. You were probably surrounded by people you cared about, who cared about you, and who did everything they could to make sure that you were smiling, joyful, and living your best life.

At BeFitreat, we know that your experience at a fitness and wellness retreat relies heavily on the team there with you.

That is why our team is chock-full of people who are passionate, well-trained, and excited to take each and every step with you on your life-changing journey. They ensure that you are never in this alone and are your guides to good vibes for an experience that you will never forget

When Sarah, our founder, first developed the idea of BeFitreat she was looking to give people the same feelings she had after traveling to Thailand for her own fitness retreat experience. Her journey was enlightening and changed every aspect of her life.

In a time when her corporate career felt overbearing, and the pressures of a high-stress lifestyle made self-care fall by the wayside, Sarah’s trips to Thailand were nothing less than transformational and she wanted to share this same life-changing experience with everyone she could.

But, she also wanted to give people more. She developed an idea for a better, more streamlined fitness retreat that had an immediate impact on our community. She set up an all-inclusive package that leaves you unbothered with the typical headaches of traveling or the stresses that often come in the first few days of retreats.

Everything would be set up for people to thrive; with food, housing, and the best team available all provided to make sure that you can focus on yourself rather than the logistics. It felt as if she had “cracked the code”. By listening to people and relying on that singular dream to create a life-changing experience for customers, everyone who signs up for our one-of-a-kind fitness retreats can be left assured that they will leave with a new sense of purpose, a new community, and memories that will last a lifetime.

The Host with the Most

Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of a world-class team to bring the vision together. Stephanie, our host in Thailand, came to BeFitreat in February.

She is the eyes and ears of our fitness retreat in Thailand and interacts with each person to ensure that they have an incredible journey. Before you even arrive, Stephanie will be on the phone with you addressing every single one of your needs.

Do you have an endless list of questions? Feeling a little nervous? Well, Stephanie has all the answers and will have you feeling fully prepared to take on Thailand head first.

You can expect to see her smiling face from the moment you walk in as she guides you through the process. With a contagious, bubbly personality Stephanie walks you through the luxurious hotel where you’ll be staying, takes you through a tour of our world-class facilities, and helps you create a plan for your fitness retreat that meets your highest expectations and helps you thrive– regardless of what that plan might mean to you.

But, Stephanie isn’t just a host, she partakes in the training too! With a love for fitness and traveling, Stephanie herself has been inspired by the programs offered in Thailand.

So, as you go through each new day she will be there right next to you; hating burpees with you (because, let’s be honest, we all know burpees are a necessary evil), and growing with you at our Tiger training facility.

Her favorite part of each new session is seeing people come out of their shells. As people arrive many are nervous, shy, and even a little overwhelmed by this new experience.

But as time goes on Stephanie loves to marvel at the drastic changes for those who entered the program. As people engulf themselves in the community, their confidence grows, and those who were once shy or overwhelmed find a new groove. Those nervous faces quickly transform into smiles, a little bit of sweat, and a new person who feels comfortable not only in their new temporary surroundings but with themselves and where they are going once they leave.

Here at BeFitreat, you are never alone and can always lean on our immaculate team to ensure that every aspect of your retreat is transformational. Our hosts, nutrition experts, and trainers are committed to working with you to ensure that your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being never falls by the wayside.

Each new day you are greeted by a team that is passionate about what they do and know how to help you become your absolute best self– while ensuring that you have a blast through the entire process.

If you want to join a community of people committed to transforming their minds, spirits, and bodies and work with a world-class team that is passionate about helping people become their truest and best selves – BeFitreat is the place for you. So, why not take the first step?

Book a call with us to chat with our team, learn more about our programs, and pick the perfect package for you! We look forward to seeing you and taking part in your life-changing journey!

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